CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that component of a computer or a hosting server that runs all of the calculations. Each CPU runs at a certain speed and the bigger it is, the quicker everything shall be processed, so in case you host resource-demanding web applications on a web server, for instance, an effective processor shall allow them to be performed speedier, which will considerably contribute to the whole user experience. The more recent generations of CPUs have 2 and more cores, each one functioning at a specific speed to ensure a better and speedier performance. This type of architecture permits the processor to control numerous processes simultaneously or a number of cores to address one process if it needs extra computing power in order to be completed. Naturally, other factors like the amount of RAM or the connection a certain web server uses may also affect the overall performance of the web sites hosted on it.
CPU Share in VPS Servers
If you decide to host your websites on a VPS server from our company, you'll be able to choose between a wide variety of packages which offer different resources, including the CPU share which will be allotted to the new account. That way, you can opt for a plan which will be suitable for your sites with regard to both the resources and the monthly fee you will pay for them. We use extremely powerful physical servers with multi-core processors working at 3.0+ GHz, so the CPU quota which you'll get will be guaranteed at all times, since we set up only several virtual servers on the physical machines. This provides you with the possibility to upgrade your package in the future as much as you would like, without worrying that there may not be enough system resources on the web server. This kind of an upgrade shall take no more than 2 clicks from your billing Control Panel.
CPU Share in Dedicated Servers
The dedicated server packages which we provide include different hardware configurations, so you can choose the most suitable one for your websites or apps. The processor for each and every package deal is different as well - the most powerful package comes with a 12-core processor which will provide you with superb script execution speeds, even if your scripts are really heavy and lots of people access and use them concurrently. The CPU is diligently examined together with the rest of the elements we use to construct each and every new dedicated server, so as to make sure that the machine will work faultlessly all the time. We shall do this before we give you access to it, since we will never make a compromise with the quality of any of the hardware components which we use. The speeds which you see on our Internet site are guaranteed for every single one of the packages.