Within the FlashBuilder Website Control Panel, there is also an array of Advanced Applications. They are created for cloud hosting customers who are experienced in maintaining their web hosting setting. Having said that, thanks to the easy to use interface of the Website Control Panel, they are pretty simple to manage, even for beginners. Additionally, we have integrated a wide range of lengthy how–to tutorials that will assist first–time customers immediately learn how to use the software tools!

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against bandwidth theft

Whenever you come up with original content and articles for one’s site, you need to safeguard it from those who wish to use it without your approval. Because of this, we have designed a unique defensive tool within the FlashBuilder Website Control Panel. FlashBuilder’s Hotlink Protection tool was compiled to defend all the photographs at your site from being published in any publications devoid of your approval.

The instrument is actually user–friendly and uncomplicated, without having any settings expected at all. All you need to carry out is just choose which domain name to protect and switch on the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated creation of .htaccess files

By means of the .htaccess file, it’s easy to control your website – configure redirections, come up with security password shielded folders, and so much more. Through the FlashBuilder Website Control Panel, you can quickly make brand new .htaccess files by making use of the powerful .htaccess Generator.

You don’t need to learn anything at all with regards to .htaccess files so as to operate our .htaccess Generator. Simply indicate the adjustments you want to make while using the tool’s simple point and click interface and our the will automatically create the necessary code for you.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malicious IPs out of your website

If you want to block a spammer from your website, a web troll out of your message board or a a group of IP addresses flooding your site, it’s best to make full use of FlashBuilder’s straightforward IP blocking tool. It enables one to promptly block an IP address or even a a full IP array from ever opening your web site.

Our IP Blocking tool is actually simple. All you have to actually do is enter in, the IP address (and / or addresses) you’d like to have to bar and press the action button. All the IP addresses you have selected can be block for good promptly.

IP Blocking