In our FlashBuilder Website Control Panel you will find an easy to use Site Builder tool, that can be used to build a new site. Our Website Builder features more than a hundred one–of–a–kind web templates, offered in many color options, that you can customize to your preferences. To create a brand new website, you won’t have to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or other back–end language. All you should understand is how to deal with the intuitive editor of the Web–site Builder. It can be used to instantly construct brand new pages, change their information, include brand new components to your site and much more.

An Easy–to–use Site Builder

No coding knowledge is needed

When you use a tool to design your website, it is really important this application is not difficult to work with. That’s why, we bundled the Website Builder directly into FlashBuilder’s Website Control Panel. It’s extremely handy and lets you design your site with a mouse click.

You may craft pages, control their layout and also bring brand new components with an easy–to–use editor. If you’ve ever worked with a CMS, a web app or simply a text editing application, then you will already know how to work with our Site Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A lot of Website Templates

There are over 1 hundred site templates

Our company offers over a hundred design themes with a variety of coloring combinations and different layouts. This way, you can make your site one of a kind from the very beginning. You could add new web pages, rearrange their order, and so on.

If you no longer like the look of your web site, you can easily customize the website theme, the color scheme and the layout at any moment. The entire content will be stored and will appear on the brand new theme promptly.

Multiple Website Templates